Located in Peterborough,
we offer play-based and
nature-based learning

Play and Nature Based Learning

What makes our school unique?

Our aim here at Happy Valley School is to provide young children with what they need to thrive, grow and become independent creative people. HVS has a hands-on approach to learning, with an emphasis on problem solving, critical thinking and community.

Early education for children ages 2-5

We encourage children to:

  • Be active physically, mentally and socially
  • Plan and make decisions
  • Solve problems with materials and with other children on their own (with teacher guidance)

In addition, we feature:

  • Low child to staff ratios (10:1 or less)
  • Experienced, dedicated staff
  • Ideal setting with easy access to the outdoors
  • Language-based program

Our programs:

Half-Day Preschool

Full-Day Preschool

Summer Camp