3rd year

“My Last — I am Great and I’m ready for school…”

The kindergarten year at Happy Valley is a time of consolidating and internalizing positive social skills. It is a time of leadership and teamwork.

Returning to a familiar environment, the kindergartners are leaders in their community. They develop their own projects and games, meet new challenges, and solve many problems. They are pioneers in information, observation and discovery in the natural world. The developmental language-based program allows intellectual horizons to expand.

At Happy Valley, the five-year olds become a team. They have the option of using a rich indoor and outdoor environment. They make their own decisions that are relevant to their learning and participation. They build relationships that are sustained. They are in charge of and responsible for their own actions and their groups of actions.

The maximum number of kindergartners is eight students, yet they participate in the entire school community. As the oldest group, they learn to nurture and have compassion for the younger children. They respect each other as contributing members of the team.

These building blocks lay the foundation for active community members and the leaders of tomorrow.