Tuition Rate Schedule

New Hours, New Schedule and New tuition

Tuition rate schedule 2016-2017

This is an annual tuition paid monthly. Each payment is due on or before the 15th of each month, a $30 late fee will apply if paid after that date.

Payment is broken down into 10 months, which includes a non-refundable June deposit due with contract on or before July 15th.

Two year old rates*

7:00- 5:30

2 days (MT or THF) $4100/yr. or $410/m.

3 days (MTW or WHF)$5700/yr. or $570/m.

4 days (MTHF)$7100/yr. or $710/m.

5 days (M-F)$8400/yr. or $840/m.


2 days (MT or THF) $2900/yr. or $290/m.

3 days (MTW or WHF)$4050yr. or $405/m.

4 days (MTHF)$5100/yr. or $510/m.

5 days (M-F)$6100/yr. or $610/m.

*(These rates are applicable through the contracted year)


3-5 year old rates


3 days (MTW or WHF)$5000/yr. or $500/m.

4 days (MTHF) $6200/yr. or $620/m.

5 days (M-F) $7300/yr.  or  $730/m.

7- 1:00

3 days (MTW or WHF)$3650/yr.  or $365/m.

4 days (MTHF)$4600/yr.  or $460/m.

5 days (M-F)$5450/yr. or $545/m.

Extra hourly childcare is available on a non-contracted basis available until 4 pm at

$15.00/hr. A 24-hour notice is required.

Registration Fee:  $50.00 (non-refundable) is due with application.

Early withdrawal fee is one month’s tuition or one month’s notice.

There is a 10% discount for families with 2 or more children enrolled.


We offer a 5% discount on pre-paid tuition for the full year.