HVS Programs

We are a farm-based school that follows the High/Scope Curriculum. Happy Valley is for children ages 2-5 and offers flexible part time and full time positions.

1st Year
A structure is provided allowing for flexibility in which the three-year old is nurtured and his/her needs are met.  The teacher to student ratio for the three-year old group is not more than 8:1 and often less.

2nd Year
Some children sit back, moving into activities only when they are comfortable, while others fling themselves headlong into action by risking all.  Mistakes are celebrated as learning opportunities.  Four is a time of uncertainty, growing and testing.  In the last months of their second year the shyest child joins with joy and confidence and the more boisterous child is now aware of boundaries.  They begin to participate as a focused and constructive team member.  The teacher ratio is 10:1.

3rd Year
The kindergarten year at Happy Valley is a time of consolidating and internalizing positive social skills.  It is a time of leadership and teamwork.  Returning to a familiar environment, the kindergartners are leaders in their community.  The developmental language-based program allows intellectual horizons to expand.  They build relationships that are sustained.  The maximum number of kindergartners is eight students, yet they participate in the entire school community.  As the oldest group, they learn to nurture and have compassion for the younger children.  They respect each other as contributing members of the team.

Extended Day

An Extended Day Program includes those children who stay into the afternoon.  The goal is to make the afternoon as home-like and relaxed as possible.  Children are encouraged to initiate their own activities and imagination takes reign.