HVS Overview

The Happy Valley Philosophy

Your child will thrive in a safe environment of unconditional acceptance and mutual respect. Your child will grow in an active and rich outdoor/indoor environment that challenges him/her socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.

Happy Valley follows a program whose purpose is to allow children to learn who they are, a program in which they learn that they can meet challenges as individuals, that they are able to solve problems as a team and that they are in charge of their actions and responsible for the consequences — not the adults. Our school provides an optimum setting for learning to take place.

The curriculum used at Happy Valley is the High Scope Program—one of the best tested and researched pre-school and kindergarten programs in the country. Its focus is to develop a child’s Internal Focus of Control, hand-in-hand with their intellectual, social, emotional, and physical potential. High Scope is a language-based developmental program. The High Scope Foundation has documented that students who have participated in the program have improved self-esteem and attitudes toward learning well into the upper primary grades..