1st year


    “Really, I am just 3, hardly me…”

    I learn I can be secure and happy away from home. I am supported by older peers and caring adults. I can make friends and experience many new things.

2nd year

“Now I am 4 and so much more…”

A year discovering who I am. My need for an adult as intermediary is diminishing. It time of uncertainty, growing and testing.I am participating as constructive team member.

3rd year


“My Last — I am Great and I’m ready for school…”

I am returning to a familiar environment, I am a leaders in my community. I develop my own projects and games, meet new challenges, and solve many problems.


Our Mission


Happy Valley is an enriching, educational environment that accepts and encourages each child's natural curiosity and creativity, nurtures children's capacity to problem solve and think critically, fosters respect of self and others and inspires a life-long joy of learning.

Do you have a special 2, 3, 4, or 5 year old?

  • The perfect program for your child.
  • Serving the Monadnock region for over 40 years
  • Full time and part time programs available



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